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  • CBSE Classes 1, 2, 3
    1. Class 1 English Spaeaking
    2. Class 2 English
    3. Class 3 English

  • CBSE Class 4 "Wake Up"
    1. Wake Up; Neha's Alarm Clock
    2. Noses
    3. Run
    4. Why?
    5. Don't be Afraid of the Dark
    6. The Donkey
    7. Hiawatha
    8. A Watering Rhyme
    9. Books
    10. The Naughty Boy

  • CBSE Class 5 "Ice-cream Man"
    1. Ice Cream Man
    2. Wonderful Waste
    3. Bamboo Curry
    4. Team Work
    5. For Want of Nail
    6. My Shadow
    7. Robinson Crusoe
    8. Crying
    9. Food for Thought
    10. My Elder Brother
    11. The Lazy Frog
    12. Rip Van Winkle
    13. Class Discussion
    14. The Talkative Barber
    15. Topsy Turvy
    16. Gulliver's Travel
    17. Nobody's Friend
    18. The Little Boy
    19. Sing a Song of People
    20. The Village Child
    21. The City Child
    22. Around The World
    23. Malu Bhallu
    24. Who will be Ningthou

  • CBSE Class 6 "A Pact with the Sun"
    1. A Tale of Two Birds
    2. The Friendly Mongoose
    3. The Sheherd's Treasure
    4. The Old-Clock Shop
    5. Tansen
    6. The Monkey and the Crocodile
    7. The Wonder called Sleep
    8. A Pact with the Sun
    9. What Happened to the Reptiles
    10. A Strange Wrestling Match

  • CBSE Class 6a "Honey Suckle"
    1. Who did Patrick's Home Work
    2. How the Dog Found himself a Master
    3. The Quarrel
    4. Kalpana Chawla
    5. A Different Kind of School
    6. Who Am I
    7. Fair Play
    8. TA Game of Chance
    9. Vocation
    10. Desert Animals
    11. What If
    12. The Banyan Tree

  • CBSE Class 7, "Honey Dew"
    1. Three Questions
    2. The Squirrels
    3. A Gift of Chappals
    4. The Rebels
    5. The Shed
    6. The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom
    7. Chivvy
    8. Quality
    9. Trees
    10. Expert Detective
    11. Mystery of the Talking Fan
    12. The Invention of Vita-Wonk
    13. Fire: Friend and Foe
    14. A Bicycle in Good Repair
    15. The Story of Cricket

  • CBSE Class 8, "Honey Dew"
    1. The Best Christmas Present
    2. The Tsunami
    3. Macavity: The Mystery Cat
    4. Bipin Choudhury's Lapse of Memory
    5. The Summit Within
    6. This is Jody's Fawn
    7. A Visit to Cambridge
    8. A Short Monsoon Diary
    9. The Great Stone Face 1
    10. The Great Stone Face 2

  • CBSE Class 8a, "It So Happened"
    1. How the Camel got the Hump
    2. Children at Work
    3. The Selfish Giant
    4. The Treasure Within
    5. Pricess September
    6. The Fight
    7. The Open Window
    8. Jalebis
    9. The Comet Part 1.1
    10. The Comet Part 1.2
    11. The Comet Part 2.1
    12. The Comet Part 2.2

  • CBSE Class 9, "Beehive"
    1. The Fun They Had
    2. Sound of Music
    3. The little Girl
    4. Beautiful Mind
    5. The Snake
    6. My Childhood
    7. Packing
    8. Reach for the Top
    9. Bond of Love
    10. Katmandu
    11. If I Were You

  • CBSE Class 9, "Supplementary Reader"
    1. The Lost Child
    2. The Adventure of Toto
    3. Iswaran
    4. In The Kingdom of Fools
    5. The Happy Prince
    6. Weathering The Storm
    7. The Last Leaf
    8. A House is not a Home
    9. The Accidental Tourist
    10. The Beggar

  • CBSE Class 10, "First Flight"
    1. A Letter to God
    2. Nelson Mandela
    3. Two Stories
    4. Anne Frank
    5. Hundred Dresses 1
    6. Hundred Dresses 2
    7. Glimpses of India
    8. Mijbil the Other
    9. Madam Rides the Bus
    10. The Sermon
    11. The Proposal

  • CBSE Class 10, "Footprints"
    1. A triumph of Surgery
    2. The Thief's Story
    3. The Midnight Visiors
    4. A Question of Trust
    5. Footprints without Feet
    6. The Making of a Scientist
    7. The Necklace
    8. The Hack Driver
    9. Bholi
    10. The Book that Saved the earth

  • CBSE Class 11, "Snapshots"
    1. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse
    2. The Address
    3. Ranga's Marriage
    4. Albert Einstein
    5. Mother's Day
    6. Ghat of the Only World
    7. Birth
    8. The Tale of Melon City

  • CBSE Class 11, "Hornbill"
    1. The Portrait of a Lady
    2. Afraid to Die
    3. Discovering Tut
    4. Landscape of the Soul
    5. The Ailing Planet
    6. The Browning Version
    7. The Adventure
    8. Silk Road

  • CBSE Class 12, "Flamingo"
    1. Lost Spring
    2. Deep water
    3. Rat Trap
    4. Indigo
    5. Poet & Pancakes
    6. The Interview
    7. Going Places
    8. My Mother at Sixty-six
    9. An Elementary School
    10. Keeping Quiet
    11. Thingofbeauty
    12. Road Side Stand
    13. Aunt Jennifer's Tigers

  • CBSE Class 12, "Kaleidoscope"
    1. Sell My Dreams
    2. Eveylin
    3. A Wedding in Brownsville
    4. Tommorrow
    5. One Centimeter
    6. Poems by Milton
    7. Poems by Blake

  • CBSE Class 12, "Vistas"
    1. The Third Level
    2. The Tiger King
    3. Journey to the end of the Earth
    4. The Enemy
    5. Wizard hit Mommy
    6. ontheface
    7. Evans
    8. Memories of Childhood

  • English Class 1

    A Happy Child.

    My house is red - a little house;
    A happy child am I.
    I laugh and play the whole day long,
    I hardly ever cry.

    I have a tree, a green, green tree,
    To shade me from the sun;
    And under it I often sit,
    When all my play is done.
    cry day red sun.

    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Three Little Pigs

    Once there were three little pigs, Sonu, Monu and Gonu.
    Sonu lived in a house of straw. Monu lived in a house of sticks.

    One day a big bad wolf came to Sonuís house.
    He said, "I will huff and puff and I will blow your house down."
    So he huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down.

    Sonu ran to Monu's house. The wolf came to Monu's house.
    He said, "I will huff and puff and I will blow your house down."
    So he huffed and he puffed and he blew Monuís house down.
    Indian English UK English US English

    Lessons 2

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    After a Bath

    After my bath
    I try, try, try
    to wipe myself
    till Iím dry, dry, dry.

    Hands to wipe
    and fingers and toes
    and two wet legs
    and a shiny nose.

    Just think how much
    less time Iíd take
    if I were a dog
    and could shake, shake, shake.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Bubble, the Straw and the Shoe

    Once upon a time there lived a Bubble, a Straw and a Shoe.
    One day they went into the forest. They came to a river. They did
    not know how to cross it.

    The Shoe said, "Bubble, let us float on you." "No, Shoe! Let Straw stretch himself from one bank to the other. Then we can cross the river."
    So, the Straw stretched himself from one bank to the other.
    When the Shoe jumped on the Straw, it broke. The Shoe fell into the water with a loud splash.
    The Bubble shook and shook with laughter and burst with a big bang.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 3

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    Hop a little, jump a little
    One two three.

    Run a little, skip a little
    Tap one knee.

    Bend a little, stretch a little
    Nod your head.

    Yawn a little, sleep a little
    In your bed.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    One little kitten

    One little kitten
    Two big cats
    Three baby butterflies
    Four big rats
    Five fat fishes
    Six sad seals
    Seven silly seagulls
    Eight happy eels;
    Nine nervous lizards
    Ten brave bees
    Eleven smelly elephants
    Twelve fat fleas
    Thirteen alligators
    Fourteen whales
    Fifteen donkeys
    With fifteen tails.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Lalu and Peelu

    There was a hen. She had two chicks, Lalu and Peelu.
    Lalu was red. He loved red things.
    Peelu was yellow. He loved yellow things.

    One day Lalu saw something on a plant.
    It was red. He ate it up.

    Oh, no! It was a red chilli. It was very hot. Laluís mouth started burning.
    He screamed. Mother Hen came running. Peelu came too. Peelu said, "I'll get something for you!"

    Peelu brought a yellow laddu.
    Lalu gobbled up the laddu.
    His mouth stopped burning.
    Mother Hen and Lalu kissed Peelu.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 4

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    Once I saw a Little Bird

    Once I saw a little bird
    Come hop, hop, hop,
    I cried, "Little bird,
    Will you stop, stop, stop?"
    I was going to the window
    To say, "How do you do?"
    But he shook his little tail
    And away he flew.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Mittu and the Yellow Mango

    Mittu was a parrot. A green parrot with a red beak.
    One day Mittu was flying. He loved to fly.
    He looked down. He saw a big yellow mango on a tree.
    Mittu liked mangoes. "I want to eat that yellow mango," he said.

    He flew down to the tree. "Caw!" said the crow. And he fell off the tree.
    "Caw, caw, a big gun is after me," said the crow.

    He flew away. He never came back to the tree.
    Mittu came to the tree. He ate the big yellow mango.
    "Yummy yummy, what a nice mango!" he said.
    He was very happy. Clever Mittu!
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 5


    I climbed up on the merry-go-round,
    And it went round and round.
    I climbed up on a big brown horse,
    And it went up and down.
    Around and round And up and down,
    Around and round And up and down.
    I sat high up
    On a big brown horse
    And rode around
    On the merry-go-round
    And rode around
    On the merry-go-round
    I rode around
    On the merry-go-round
    Around And round And.....
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    One day Mohini was sitting with her grandmother.
    Grandmother drew a circle. "Can you draw a circle, Mohini?"
    "Yes I can." Soon Mohini drew a circle.
    "Now, Iíll draw a ball."

    Grandmother drew three lines on the circle. Mohini drew three lines on her circle.
    It really looked like a ball. "Now letís draw a balloon."
    Grandmother added a zig-zag. "Oh! It really looks like a balloon." Mohini clapped with joy.
    Mohini drew many circlesó big and small circles,
    red, blue, green and yellow circles. She also added zig-zag lines to these.
    And now there were many balloons. "Can you draw something else
    with a circle?" asked Grandmother.
    "Yes," said Mohini. She drew a wheel, a moon, a sun, a rabbit and her own face.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 6

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    If I Were an Apple

    If Iwere an apple
    And grew on a tree,
    I think Iíd drop down
    On a nice boy like me.
    I wouldnít stay there
    Giving nobody joy,
    Iíd fall down at once
    And say, "Eat me, my boy!"
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Our Tree

    A little bird sees Ripe fruit on our tree And eats a tasty berry.
    The bird flies tall And a berry seed falls.
    The rains have come. Hurry! letís run.
    Clouds, rain and sun... Our plant is born, a little one.
    Now a tree, With branches long,
    Crows and bird-song, Crawling ants and spidersí webs,
    Caterpillars with tiny legs,
    Rich green leaves, life aplenty.

    The tree has fruits, Some big, some small,
    Let us pluck them But do not fall!

    Crows perch, squirrels run, And see the monkeys Having fun!
    Strong branches, With pretty swings, Our beautiful tree, Has so many things.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Muraliís Mango Tree

    One day Murali ate a mango.
    He threw the seed behind his house.
    Many months later, he saw a plant.
    He watered the plant every day.
    The plant grew into a big mango tree
    . Every summer, many mangoes grow on it.
    Now, Muraliís children eat the mangoes.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 7

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    A Kite

    I often sit and wish that I
    Could be a kite up in the sky,
    And ride upon the breeze and go
    Whichever way I chanced to blow.

    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Sundari was a big red, white and blue kite.
    When Bobby made her she smiled at him.
    "You are beautiful and I will call you Sundari," he said.
    One day, Bobby took Sundari to the fair.
    The band was playing and everyone was smiling.
    A merry-go-round was playing a happy little tune.
    It was carrying lots of boys and girls round and round on
    its wooden animals.

    Bobby looked for an open space where he could run
    and fly his kite. Sundari looked too.
    Out in the grass ran Bobby, holding up his kite as high as he could.
    Puff! The wind came along. Sundari started to fly up!
    But she could not go very high. A little dog was holding on to her long tail.
    It was in his mouth.

    Bobby shooed the dog away. "Weíll try again," Bobby said.
    This time Sundari leaped up in the air. She tugged hard.
    Oh, how she wanted Bobby to let go of her string!
    She gave a big tug. Bobby had to let her go.
    "Wheee!" cried Sundari. "Now I can fly as high as I please!"
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 8

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    A Little Turtle

    I am a little turtle
    I crawl so slow,
    I carry my house
    Wherever I go.
    When I get tired
    I put in my head,
    My legs and my tail
    And I go to bed.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Tiger and the Mosquito

    A tiger was dozing under a tree. A mosquito came buzzing by. The tiger said, "Hey! Mosquito! Go away!"
    The mosquito said, "Why should I go away? I am not afraid of you!"
    The tiger was angry. He hit out with his paw.

    The mosquito flew off. The paw struck his own cheek.
    The blow scraped his cheek. It began to bleed.

    The mosquito buzzed away. The tiger struck with his
    other paw. The mosquito flew off. This time, too, he hit himself.
    The tiger was helpless.
    The mosquito continued to buzz.
    The tiger got up and quietly walked away.
    The mosquito called out after him, "Donít be so proud, my friend.
    Everyone is great in his own way!"
    Indnian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 9

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    It is hot.
    The sky is blue.
    A little cloud comes looking for you.
    More clouds come.
    They bring rain.
    Sing and dance.
    Itís cool again!
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Anandi's Rainbow

    It was raining outside. Anandi was fast asleep dreaming of rainbows.
    She woke up to look out of her window. There was a huge, bright rainbow across a clear blue sky.

    Anandi ran out to the garden with Milli, her favourite cat.
    Anandi loved to draw and paint. Today, she wanted to paint the flowers of
    her garden with the colours of the rainbow.

    She coloured one flower with the violet, and another with the indigo of the rainbow.
    One with the blue and leaves with the green... One with the orange... One with the red...
    But she left the yellow so that the Sun may look bright and gay...

    And lo! There were beautiful flowers all over the garden. The Sun was up there
    shining in its yellow glory. After giving colours to the flowers the Sun smiled.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 10

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    "Flying-man, Flying-man,
    Up in the sky,
    Where are you going to,
    Flying so high?"

    "Over the mountains,
    And over the sea!"

    "Flying-man, Flying-man,
    Canít you take me?"
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Tailor and his Friend

    Kalu the tailor had a shop near the river.
    He made colourful pants and shirts for children.
    Appu the elephant was his friend. Appu came to his shop everyday.
    Kalu gave him many nice things to eat. One d a y Kalu wanted to play a trick.
    He did not give Appu anything to eat. He took out his needle
    instead and pricked Appuís trunk. Appu ran away in pain.

    Two days later Appu came down to the river and filled his trunk with water.
    He reached Kalu's shop and threw water everywhere. All the new clothes became wet.
    Appu shook his trunk and said "An elephant never forgets."

    Kalu said, "I am sorry, Appu. Letís be friends again."
    Kalu and Appu became good friends
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English